About us

Krisybelle Pet Products began in 2000 as a small website with only 2 hand-made products; Ribbon Bows and the Krisybelle Bed. Both were designed for little Krisybelle. She loved to have her hair fixed and prance around as if to say, “look at me!” pk-mink-coat1The Krisybelle Bed played host to her other favorite past-time, snoozing. Always by my side, Kris inspired more and more products.

Now with almost 400 different products in different styles, colors and sizes, Krisybelle Pet Products has grown into quite a fun little business that sells to Stores and pet lovers all over the world.

All of our babies inspire and entertain us all day long. Every product is well tested by our crew of highly-qualified fur babies. Most of our products are hand-made in our shop or by talented women in their homes, here in the USA.

Enjoy the website and feel free to email pictures of your baby’s. We will start a page on the website with all the photos we receive as others love looking at all the Cutie Pies. After all, I know no better way to describe a loved pet than as a Cheerful Shadow: always trying to make you smile and always by your side.

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