Donation of Alley Cat Allies

Out of all the companies we thought about approaching for a sponsorship, we had never even considered a good cause like Alley Cat Allies. Still, they approached us with a very generous donation. At first we thought it was a mistake, but when we called them about it, they assured us that it wasn’t. They had seen our show and saw the potential and that’s why they wanted to donate. Just to get some publicity for what they were doing. Because they are doing great work that unfortunately not many people know about yet. Let’s change that together.

cat pictures

Why cats?

A lot of people think that if someone loves animals, they should love all animals. And not just cats or just dogs. However, all animals are different and require a different approach. Especially cats, who are known to not be obedient and have their own will. There’s something else that sets them apart from other pets though. As opposed to dogs that get attached to their owners, cats get more attached to the place where they live. So it is very traumatizing for a cat to have to move from a house, to the streets and back into a house. To make sure the process goes smoothly, it is necessary to work with professionals. And Alley Cat Allies offer just that.

Other services

The work of Alley Cat Allies centres around the cat shelters they have built around the nation. But that is not all they do. They also help cats in need. So if you know about a cat that is being treated poorly by its owner, don’t hesitate to turn in the owner to authorities. Mistreating an animal is a misdemeanour and can get the owner a serious fine or, if the situation is bad enough, even jail time. It is our job to make sure animal abuse gets reported. Some other activities of Alley Cat Allies include veterinary services, aiding animals in need, education people on how to treat cats and much more. The work is actually never done.

Online Store

 Besides asking for regular donations, Alley Cat Allies also has a webstore. Here you can find interesting information for a school presentation. But the material is also interesting for adults that want to set up programs to teach people in their neighbourhoods about the importance of the cat. And how to treat them well. You can also find nice t-shirts and other goodies in this webstore. By buying something, you are helping a cat in need, so this is a good place to go shopping for presents or information.

Their stories

When you surf to the Alley Cat Allies website, you get to read all the amazing stories. Some are very sad and some are beautiful. There is nothing better than saving an innocent animal in need and seeing it getting better in time. And combating crime against cats is very important. Especially during special days like the 4th of July. On this day, some people decide to buy fireworks and uneducated children might find it funny to lit them from a cats behind. As you can imagine this hurts a lot for the cat and every year a number of animals die from this. This is obviously a trend we need to stop and we can only do that by educating people. And making sure they educate their children as well. Only together we can combat animal cruelty.

Looking to become a volunteer?

Alley Cat Allies is always looking for volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you have experience, as long as you have the right attitude. The company can educate you where needed. This is especially great for people looking to work as a vet or in a related profession in the future. The experience you get volunteering for them, will be great for your CV but also for your life experience.