No Deposit Bonus BV supports annually

No Deposit Bonus BV is an iGaming affiliate that owns a couple of casino portals. These portals are websites with all kinds of information about online gambling. You can, for example, find information on which games you can play online, where to play these games and where to get the best bonuses. Most of the site are centred around getting a no deposit bonus, and a nice one, hence the company name. But if you are thinking about, or already playing in online casinos, these portals can be very helpful. Especially if you do not want to miss the latest news.

no deposit bonus BV

Special episode

You might recall a Krissy Belle episode in which she tried out online casinos. Well, actually she wanted to try them out, but she couldn’t find the right one. Until one of her friends told her about, the flagship of No Deposit Bonus BV. Not only did she find a site that offered her a no deposit bonus, she also won a lot of cash without spending any money. What she did with that money, is less relevant, but it made for a very nice and interesting episode. Go watch it yourself if you became curious.

Annual support from No Deposit Bonus BV

Ever since then, No Deposit Bonus BV decided to support Krissy Belle on an annual basis. You might have noticed our name at the shows end titles. We decided to not pursue any further storylines and just provide annual support, because gambling as a topic might not be appropriate for all ages. Since Krissy Belle aims to attract older viewers, but occasionally also does something to attract a younger audience, we figured it was better for us to remain in the background after the episode in which we got introduced.

Other promotional activities

During other promotional activities for the show, we are always present. Even if it’s a nationwide tour to promote Krissy Belle. We will always have one of our employees present at these events to make sure that no under aged person gets a chance to enter an online casino. This same person also provides information about responsible gaming and online gaming in general. So children looking for a cool topic for a book report, can also visit these events. Just like Krissy Belle, we want to be friendly to all ages and we try our best to be able to accomplish that.


Most people love merchandising. Even if it’s from a company of which they don’t have any idea what it does. That’s just the way we are. Something that’s free, is always worth accepting. Even if you are going to end up giving it away anyway. For promoters it’s a good tool as well, because if the free merchandise is interesting enough the people will get curious about the company that donated it. With this in mind we decided to create a line of merchandising together with Krissy Belle. All of the items are free of charge and given away during the promotional activities. The line includes a deck of cards adapted to both our interests, a drinking cup with a nice line and much more. It will give the fans something to remember Krissy Belle by.

For the future

We hope that in the future we will have a lot of many more years working together with Krissy Belle. Up until now, the collaboration has been very positive from our end and from Krissy Belles end as well. We hope that you, the fans agree and will continue to enjoy Krissy Belles stories for much longer. And if you are looking to start playing online, you know where to find the best no deposit bonus. At one of the portals of No Deposit Bonus BV of course. You can always contact us with any questions or if you just want to receive some very nice merchandising.