No Deposit Bonus Doggy Show

Krisy Belle Pet Boutique is happy to announce that we will be organizing the first Krisy Belle Doggy Show! For all the dog lovers out there, we are calling out the ones who are passionate about their own dog and would like to show their skills to our professional jury. Not only is this competition about skills and qualities, the jury will also critically look at the performances and appearance of your beloving pet. The competition will be held in Bossier City, LA, next to our own Boutique! There are a lot of things you can expect during this competition and event. Krisy Belle Pet Boutique will make sure that the event can offer fully entertainment for you and your dog!

The Krisy Belle Doggy Show concept was developed by our own staff of the Boutique. We wanted to create a competition which is fair and accessible for everyone, even beginners. We are aware that dog trainings can take a lot of time, not to mention the grooming and preparing of your dog. Professional dog trainers often win big prizes, because of all the time they’ve spend in the preparation process. We at Krisy Belle Pet Boutique believes that it can be a little bit unfair to other competitors and new trainers. This is why we have developed a concept which has a focus on young trainers and beginners. This event and competition is all about having fun with your dog, spending time with each other and also meeting new friends.

The show is organized by Kirsy Belle Pet Boutique together with a very popular online casino, which is known by their no deposit bonus. They decided to sponsor our boutique, since we know each other for years. The concept developer of no deposit bonus, Helena McCambell, also has a big passion for dogs and currently lives with three of them under one roof. Helena got really excited about our concept and decided to join the idea. She experienced a lot of profit since the no deposit bonus deal and she wanted to spent that money by sponsoring our competition. Helena will also join the competition itself with one of her dog Lisa!

On the 27th of September the event will take place and we are already busy with a lot of preparations. What can you except during the event? You will see different professional dog acts, many shows, pet accessories stands, competitions and much more! Always wanted to buy one of our many items, but never had to chance to pass by? During the Krisy Belle Doggy Show we will show you our best selection of dog products which you can buy immediately! Also, Doggy Food Now will be present and can offer you the most healthy and vegan dog food, based on the newest technology. Looking for more information about the event and competition? Please contact Krisy Belle Pet Boutique for the latest news! You can also follow us on our social media channels in order to see which companies are participating during the Krisy Belle Doggy Show.