Petfinder supports Krissybelle

Surely, you have seen the slogan “Don’t buy, adopt” more than once. Through our platform you can adopt your next pet. We can find you nearly all breads that have their vaccinations up to date. Besides finding the perfect pet, we can also provide with help when it comes to dog care, cat care, shelters & rescue and much more. We don’t just limit ourselves to cats and dogs, so you can contact us with questions about any kind of animals. As long as you adopt and don’t shop, we salute you. And so do the lovely animals that we represent.

More recognition

You can imagine that our organisation is not the hippest around. We don’t only deal with puppies or breeds that are in fashion. Instead we care about all pets. We believe that this is much better than adopting and then dumping it when it stops being cute. But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to convince everybody of this yet. Of course we have tried to get more recognition. Our great volunteers have helped a lot with this. They go to all sorts of events to promote us. We have even created our own event, that proved quite successful. However, we can never stop the effort to grow bigger and find a house for more of our furry little friends.

Benefits of adopting a pet

A young puppy or kitten is obviously very cute, but adopting a more mature pet has its benefits as well. For one you don’t have to worry about educating your new furry friend. This has already been done most of the times. When you buy a pet through us, they have also gotten all the necessary vaccines. And, something that you might not know, pets know when they are adopted. They will be forever grateful to their new boss who has saved them. And you’ll notice that in their behaviour. Which makes them an even better friend than a pet you adopt as a puppy. They’d give their life for you as a figure of speech.

Supporting Krissy Belle

One of our volunteers came with the idea to get some sort of promotion in a popular TV program or show. We started looking into the options. This volunteer happened to be a big fan of Krissy Belle, so that is why we landed here. Our first idea was to simply sponsor the show and appear at the end title as a sponsor. But then we learned about the possibility of supporting the show and being part of an episode. Which was a great way to show how wonderful our pets are and to give them more exposure.

Final episode

The episode with our pets ended up being very nice. Our big were Smokey, a Pomeranian and Terrier mix, and Aycock, an American Foxhound. The plot revolved around Krissy Belle not being to choose between these great companions. Later she briefly considers one of our cats, but in the end she decides to go with a dog to impress her crush. He happens to be a dog lover. When he applauds Krissy Belle to adopt not only one, but two dogs, she has no choice but to keep both dogs. A decision she is very happy about in the end. And so were Smokey and Aycock, as they both found a home immediately after the show.

You can do something too

Whether you want to help Krissy Belle or our furry friends, you can always do something. Follow and like us on social media, share our content and tell all your friends. Especially the ones looking to get a pet. Make sure that they adopt and don’t buy. There is no need for all the pet breeders that are currently active as there are still so many great pets looking for a home. Together we can solve this problem and make the pets happy.